My wife and I hail from the Great state of TEXAS. I am a Gospel preacher. In 2012 I was introduced to the book “Think & Grow Rich” thru a friend involved in a company I am associated with. I was later introduced to Mark J known as the worlds laziest networker. I was fascinated by his teachings on how to grow your business by acquiring the necessary skills to be able to talk people and not trying to sell to people. I enrolled in the Go90Grow course and was even more fascinated at the teachings because of their relationship to Biblical principles. At the same time the preacher where I attend church has been preaching on the mind and how it relates to God and Christians. The culmination of these two teachings has led me down the path to study and be more in tune with the mind of man. In September 2013 I enrolled in the master-key mastermind alliance course again being offered by the worlds laziest networker Mark J. This is a six-month journey into true self-discovery. I am truly looking forward to chronicling this 26 week journey being able to share my experience as I go.


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