WEEK 3 – Asking, Seeking, Knocking

One of the greatest discourses or sermons ever recorded by man is found in the book of Matthew chapters 5-7. These 3 chapters are often referred to “the Sermon on the Mount”. Jesus says there that we are the light of the world and to let our light so shine. In our reading this week Haanel makes an interesting point about the Solar Plexus being likened to the sun of the body because it is a central point of distribution for the energy which the body is constantly generating. If this radiation is strong we would say that this person has a magnetic personality. There is a connection between the physical brain(the conscious mind) and the solar plexus(the subconscious mind). It is the point at which life appears and there is no limit to the amount of life an individual may generate from this solar centre. It can therefore accomplish whatever it is directed to accomplish, and herein lies the power of the conscious mind; the subconscious can and will carry out any plans or ideas that the conscious  mind suggest to it. Conscious thought is the master of this centre from which life and energy of the entire body flows. It is evident, therefore, that all we have to do is let our light shine but the question is how to let this light shine and how to generate this energy?

askThis brings us back to the sermon on the mount in another verse when Jesus says “Ask and it shall be given; seek and you will find; knock and it shall be opened to you” but what does this mean?One thing that must be understood about God is that he is MIND! The connection we have with him is thru the subconscious mind. The context of this verse is seeking God’s help. You might be asking yourself how this relates to us? Since our minds are a part of the whole or universal we have the ability to tap into the power of our mind because it is part of the Omnipotent. The word “ask” in the original greek language means to crave, Desire, or call for. “Seek” likewise means to seek by thinking, meditating, reasoning, or demanding something. Knocking then implies that we are at the cusp of receiving what we are asking and seeking for. We are truly a product of our thoughts. Whatever we are asking or seeking for consciously we are feeding that to the subconscious which can only then act on behalf of the orders it is receiving from the master. It then turns these desires into habits which become very difficult to break but not at all impossible. As powerful as the subconscious is it does have a very powerful weakness; it has no defense against our conscious voice.

sub mindWe are now in the middle of our 3rd week in this master key mastermind course. The reading and exercises that we do on a daily basis and add to every week are slowly and methodically transforming our minds by allowing us to consciously direct where we are going in our own life. I have personally been learning what my true DMP(definite major purpose) is by tapping into a part of me that like most people is totally forgotten about and never taught. That is that I truly have the power within to change whatever I want to change. What a beautiful mind we have been created with! It truly is awesome to really feel the change within me because of my focusing on the changing of my habits.


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