This has been one tough and crazy week. While part was good because MKMMA started but then life happened. My wife, sister-in-law and I were  rear ended in a car accident. It has hindered me trying to do the mkmma exercises and assignments done. It get tough trying to sit or stand for any period of time without feeling pain and uncomfortable. Nevertheless i was able to get my DMP done and found out that I am in harmony. So this was great news to be able to get to work on my subby from the get go and start to change my life for the way that I want it to be. I just want to apologize for the shortness of this blog post but it is hard to sit and focus at this time. One thing I have learned is that life has a way of throwing lemons at you and I am focused on turning those lemons into great tasting lemonade. Have a great one everyone!


5 thoughts on “Week 1– ONE TOUGH WEEK

  1. Hi Brian, I admire your perseverance despite the challenges. I am sending healing prayers to you for a full and speedy recovery according to the Divine plan

  2. You have already started turning lemons into great tasting lemonade. Congratulations!
    It seems that you had the choice of looking at a half empty glass and you chose to see it overflowing. Beautiful.

  3. So awesome you are in harmony! Doesn’t that feeling pump you up? Keep pressing on, you’re reward will be life changing 🖤

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